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Where do profits made from the candle sales go?

To provide social services to older people and to extend a river walk called Fowley's Falls which runs from the foothills of Glenaniff to Lough Melvin.  

What services do we provide to older people?

Our candle making business is based in the Ballagh Centre in Rossinver, North Leitrim were we provide a good morning telephone call service to older people three mornings a week. From our Rossinver Calling office we make phone calls to older people who have signed up to the free service. The call service reassures older people that they have someone to talk to if they have a problem, allows them to catch up on local news and events, and gives confidence to family that someone is keeping an eye on their loved ones. We have intervened on a number of occasions when our phone line friends have had accidents and haven't responded to calls.

We also provide a befriending service to older people in which our trained staff and volunteers physically go into local peoples home and enjoy a social chat helping to decrease isolation and ensure they enjoy the liberty of living in their own homes and communities for as long as possible.

Every Thursday you will also find our local active age group in the Ballagh Centre were we co-ordinate physical activities such as Tai Chi through to talks about local wildlife.

Clients also have the opportunity to avail of a social car scheme providing low cost transport to older people to medical appointments which many of them would otherwise miss.

What is Fowleys Falls?

Reputedly named after a one-time local landowner in the Rossinver area, Fowley's Falls must be one of the best kept secrets of North Leitrim.

As the Glenanniff river travels down from the mountain above, it has eroded the local blue limestone to form a deep river valley.

Unlike the more popular Glencar waterfall, also in North Leitrim, Fowley's Falls is not a single-drop waterfall. Instead it cascades in a series of drops over the exposed bedrock to form a spectacular torrent of water rushing through the steep valley towards Lough Melvin.

In penal times locals gathered at the Mass Rock further down the river, and over the years many poachers enjoyed fish caught close by.

It was in the early 1980's that Gabriel Miney, an engineer for Leitrim County Council, in conjunction with the local parish priest, Father Corrigan, organised a scheme to clear a path and make the falls accessible to walkers and anyone simply wishing to enjoy the beauty of the countryside.

Their vision was to keep the walk as natural as possible with narrow gravel paths, stiles made from stone drawn from the riverbed and minimum interference to the natural ecosystem. Rather than cutting back the hedgerows to give full views, they cut windows at various stages, or stopping points in the walk, where the walker could take in the best view of the river.

With assistance from local businessman, Philip Rooney, a bridge was also erected over the river.

Many of the local residents still recall the duck race organised by Fr. Corrigan as a fundraiser that brought the whole community out, young and old, for a fun day at Fowley's Falls.

As time passed however Rossinver Community Development Company took on responsibility for the walk and is now extending the walk so it will be doubled in size (3 miles). Eventually the path will lead all the way to Lough Melvin. If you visit the river in December and January you will be witness to one of the most impressive displays of salmon leaping in the North West of Ireland. Our vision is to promote love and respect for our rivers, mountains and lakes. Profits from our candles help to maintain, extend and promote Fowley's Falls river walk.