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Who Makes The Candles and How Are they Made?

Our candles are made by Mary, Padraig and Eugene in our dedicated workshop and the scents and names are designed by Joel and Padraig. We hope to add to our team as the business grows.

The wax itself come in blocks which are melted down and mixed with stearin, which keeps the wax from sticking to the moulds. The hot wax is poured into moulds and flows over a wick and cubes of wax (these are cubes taken from trays of wax which we have prepared earlier). Then we add the scent and colour which is prepared in a separate jug. When the candles cool they are topped up to make sure that they are consistent and level, with a smooth base. This topping up process can take two to three hours.

The process

The following day the candles are wrapped and labelled and shipped to shops or directly to customers.

We have six spring summer scents and associated colours: Glenaniff Mist (light blue), Melvin Sunrise (orange), Summer Fruits (cerise), Leitrim Rose (red), Rose and Heather (lilac in colour), Wildflower Blossom (light pink).

The candles come in five different sizes: 20 hours (5 diameter x 8 height, 30 hours (6.5 diameter x 9cm), 50 hours (7.5 diameter x 8.5 cm height) and 100 hours (8 cm wide x 13cm height) in addition we have a pottery candle (approx 7.5cm wide x 8cm tall) and a glass candle ( 8cm diameter x 9cm for the glass itself and of this candle: 7.8cm diameter x 5.5cm height).

The process

The pottery candle is handmade by Alan McCluney of Leitrim Pottery. Every pot is unique and is made on a potters wheel so sizes may vary. The pots come in three different colours: deep red, deep blue and stone effect. The candles are then prepared by Mary and Padraig in a variety of scents.

The process

Our spring summer glass candles are white candles in glass but are available in a variety of scents: Glenaniff Mist, Melvin Sunrise, Summer Fruits, Leitrim Rose, Rose and Heather and Wildflower Blossom.

Our Christmas glass collection is white and comes in cinnamon, cranberry and mulled wine.

Our stand alone wax Christmas candles also come in green, red and white and a unique half green and half red candle. Christmas scents include cinnamon, mistletoe, Christmas pine, cranberry and holly and ivy.

The story behind the Spring Summer collection of candles.

Glenaniff Mist is designed to conjure up a sense of the beautiful Glenaniff valley and river in County Leitrim with a fresh breath of Atlantic air blowing down the valley from Donegal bay.

Melvin Sunrise is a rich orange colour and scent designed to capture the colour of the sun rising over Lough Melvin. Lough Melvin is a famous trout and salmon lake including three types of trout that are unique to the lake, the Gillaroo, the Ferox and the Sonahan.

Leitrim Rose reflects the wildflowers which from June on decorate Leitrim's hedgerows These roses are the inspiration for nearby Manorhamilton's wild rose and thorn festival.

Summer fruits contains a blend of wild blossoms designed to capture the scents of Ireland's hedgerows.

Rose and heather are two of the dominant summer smells of an Irish summer in the north west.

Wildflower Blossom conjures the deep combination of wildflowers found in Leitrim's Meadows.